Mickoski: Confidence in "Kacarska Judiciary" and "Ruskovska Prosecution" long los


We cannot ignore the reality, but we will fight to change it, says VMRO-DPMNE
leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Radio Free Europe Sunday, answering
the question of whether he will become prime minister of the Republic of North
Macedonia if he wins the election.

Mr. Mickoski, if you win the election, will you be Prime Minister of the Republic
of North Macedonia?
We cannot ignore the reality in Macedonia, but we will fight to change it.

I've said it many times before, I can repeat it a hundred times, but I think it would be
embarrassing if we were talking about something that is against that reality. I'm a
professor at the University that is part of the educational system of this country.
Unfortunately, as a result of the capitulatory agreement made by Zoran Zaev, this is
the reality we have today, and I practically teach in the education system at the
Ministry of Education, which is part of the state government with the new adjective. I
am paid by the Ministry of Finance which is part of the State Government with the
new adjective.

Does this mean you will be the Prime Minister of North Macedonia?
If we insist on it and we push back and forth if it will be like this or that, then I would
be a liar to say that it won't be like that, but at the same time no one at that table can
stop me from saying that I am Hristijan Mickoski from Macedonia, who is
Macedonian and speaks the Macedonian language.

Again conditionally, if you win the election, would you coalition with DUI if the
results point you to that?
We are in principle in agreement that we will ally with any political party that accepts
our platform, that is, our political program. We will sit down, discuss, negotiate, and
why not for a coalition. We have no preferences for any, we have relations with all
the political parties that are representatives of the Albanians, we have relations with
the political parties that are not representatives of the Albanians, but of other
ethnicities etc., so that we will have a program on the table and you for such
program, we find a connection point, why not.

Regarding the Racket case, sometime in mid-September at a press conference
at the party headquarters you took out a folder of documents that you said
was provided by a prosecution whistleblower and that you have documents to
publish if you find that the Racket case process was not in the public interest.
You haven't released them, which means you're satisfied with the way the
investigation is conducted?

We are waiting for the process to develop. So far we are not satisfied, on the
contrary. We think there is a classic case of abuse and disguise of the true inspirer
and screenwriter in this whole case, but soon, if we see this process diverge from
reality, the public will find out what actually happened.
Does this mean that you have confidence in, as you say, the "Kacarska
Judiciary" and the "Ruskovska Prosecution"?

We are waiting due to tactical reasons. We are not waiting because we have
confidence. We have lost our trust in the "Kacarska Judiciary" and the "Ruskovska
Prosecution" a long time ago. We are waiting to see due to tactical reasons, to see
for how long they will be drowning in quicksand along with their master, because he
is aware that he too is drowning in quicksand, but I do not know if they are aware
that he is dragging them down with him.

The entire interview with VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski can be viewed
in the following video.

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