Zaev: There is political will and readiness to tackle corruption


Today is International Anti-Corruption Day, a day when we strongly emphasize that corruption cases are the most insidious threats to society, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev wrote on his Facebook profile.

– Today there is serious political will and readiness to tackle corruption in our country, as never before. We have proven this in a number of cases where public suspicions of a conflict of interest or reckless conduct have opened the door to open corruption. We will only achieve an uncompromising fight against corruption with transparent and accountable institutions. All institutions, including those in the judiciary and prosecution, must be such. With a brave anti-corruption commission as the one we have now, all institutions need to show resistance to corruption and conflict of interest, the prime minister says.

If there is no will, or if anti-corruption mechanisms are impeded in any way, as Zaev points out, this social disease will encompass all vital parts of the community and threaten its development.

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