Macedonia “produces” 412 tons of waste per capita each year




Official measurements show a steady upward trend of waste in the country. In just four years, municipal waste has increased by 90,000 tons. The largest waste generator is the Skopje region, with the smallest amount of municipal waste generated in the Southeast region, writes Portalb weekly analysis.

The most recent survey of the State Statistical Office dedicated to the state of the environment shows that there are 45 official landfills across the country and another 1,000 illegal, unregistered but active landfills where garbage is being dumped on a daily basis.

Every citizen in the country generates 1.13 kg of waste or 412 kg per year. The most recent survey of the Statistical Office dedicated to the state of the environment, which covers even the period from 2011 onwards, shows that 854 865 tons of waste were generated in the entire country last year, of which 625 386 tons of communal waste were collected.  “The largest amount of municipal waste is collected in the Skopje region, and the smallest amount in the Southeast region. It is similar with the amount of municipal waste generated,” the survey said. From 2014 to 2018, the amount of generated municipal waste is steadily increasing. In 2014, 765 156 tons of municipal waste were registered, four years later this amount increased by almost 90,000 tons.

Generated municipal waste in 2014 was 765,156 tons, in 2015 – 786 182 tons, in 2016 – 796 585 tons, in 2017 – 786 881 tons and in 2018 854 865 tons. Annual amount of waste per capita: 370 tons in 2014, 380 tons in 2015, 376 tons in 2016, 379 tons in 2017 and 412 tons in 2018.

By economic activity, the largest waste generator is the mining sector, where from 2014 to 2016 the amount of generated waste increased almost 10 times, from 75 198 tons to 700 549 tons. In second place according to the amount of generated waste is the sector of electricity, gas, steam and air-conditioning supply registered in 2016 of 443 043 tons, and the processing industry with 215 010 tons of generated waste.

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