Nikoloski expects Dimitrov to resign and face criminal charges because he failed to report the Racket case


-I’m glad that the truth comes to light; you know that Zoran Zaev threatened to sue me for defamation in relation to the Racket case. A few months ago, during a televised confrontation, or debate with Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, I publicly aired what I said today, namely that an ambassador from an EU Member State had reacted to the Minister of Foreign Affairs because the consul of that country, whose name is now known by the public, was racketeered by Bojan Jovanovski and others associated with him, Katica Janeva’s son and others.

This is how VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski commented that the honorary consul of Latvia reported to Nikola Dimitrov that Bojan Jovanovski demanded a racket and added: It was later firmly denied by Nikola Dimitrov that such a thing has happened. But when the facts speak, the Gods are silent. After several months in court it is confirmed that Nikola Dimitrov knew about the racketeering and did not report the case because it is a crime, and I would like to call the Public Prosecutor and all other authorities to call on Nikola Dimitrov and ask him why he did not report it, and to properly institute criminal proceedings against him because concealing or not reporting a crime is also a crime. I expect the foreign minister to resign first, and then be criminally liable for not reporting the Racket case.

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