Municipality of Gjorce Petrov declares Hepatitis A epidemic


The Ministry of Health has declared an epidemic of a contagious jaundice (Hepatitis A) in the Dame Gruev neighborhood, municipality of Gjorce Petrov, where seven out of the nine cases reported from November 11 to 23 this month are epidemiologically related.Two epidemiologically related cases have also been registered in the municipality of Suto Orizari, i.e. two sisters have been infected with jaundice, but there are no indications of an epidemic reporting to the municipality.A total of 68 cases of contageous jaundice were registered in the Skopje area between September 1 and yesterday, December 26, of which 48 cases were differentiated as viral hepatitis A and 20 cases were viral unexplained hepatitis.
Compared to 2016, an increased number of cases have been reported. Three years ago six cases were registered, 2017 – 35 cases and 2018 – 28 cases.Most cases this year were registered in Saraj – 16, Gjorce Petrov – 11 cases, Aerodrom and Gazi Baba – 9 cases, in Suto Orizari – 6 cases, Karpos – 5 cases, Cair – 4 cases, Cucer Sandevo – 3 cases, in Center – 2 cases, Butel, Kisela Voda and Zelenikovo one case.Of the total of 68 cases, most (29) are aged 20-64, 7 are aged 0-5, 14 are students aged 6-14, 16 are aged 15-19. and 2 are over 65 years of age.The Ministry of Health appeals to the citizens to follow the recommendations for sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures.

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