Zekiri: DUI is a cancer of society and should go in opposition


It is high time for the Albanian opposition to unite and deliver the last blow to the Democratic Union for Integration by sending it into opposition. DUI is a cancer of society and already makes Albanians choose to elect other people to represent them in the institutions. SDSM does not exclude the possibility of negotiations with Albanian parties before the elections, says SDSM Vice President Muhamed Zekiri in an interview with Kosovo Press.

“DUI is a cancer of society. Why am I saying this, because it has changed almost nothing and offered something new to the citizens and the citizens know it. He is the political entity to remember in the history of the country, which lost 50% of the electorate in just two years, out of 20 MPs now only 10 in this constituency, thanks to the split it had with Albanian opposition parties,” he says.

Asked whether the SDSM coalition with DUI will continue after January 3 when it is expected to vote for the interim government and whether there is a chance for a coalition even after the April 12 elections, Zekiri says he personally opposes the coalition with this political entity. However, he adds, citizens will decide with their own vote on who will lead the country after the April 12 elections.

“We have a draft law that was proposed about two weeks ago for Macedonia to be one constituency instead of the current six. Can you believe it, even though they are a coalition partner, even though they knew we had a pre-election promise in 2016, they joined forces with the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party and in parliamentary committees proposed over 12,000 amendments combined just to block the passing of a new Electoral Code that envisages Macedonia to be a constituency, under the pretext that with one constituency Albanians would lose eight to ten MPs, which is absolutely not an argument,” he said.

Zekiri adds that the draft law does not provide for an electoral threshold and with such an electoral system Albanians can only win.

According to him, citizens are already willing to support other Albanian parties except for DUI, of which he says is pitiful in the eyes of the citizens of Macedonia.

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