Stojkovski: 4,131 job adverts issued in just two months


Adverts for 4,131 vacancies in state administration have been issued, through the Employment Agency and the Agency for Civil Servants, since November 6 when it was announced that a technical government will be formed, Nevenka Stamenkovska Stojkovski said Sunday.

“Amid warnings that the state administration is oversized, these employments constitute a brutal partisation of state institutions,” the new additional deputy minister at the Ministry of Information Society and Administration claimed.

Of those, 911 are adverts for jobs in government institutions, the general secretariat and in three ministries with salaries ranging from 40,000 denars to 60,000 denars, according to her.

Stamenkovska Stojkovski said a process to review how these job adverts had been issued and how they got the go-ahead had been launched. “I will seek annulment if procedures hadn’t been respected,” noted deputy Minister Stamenkovska Stojkovski.


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