Angelovska: Series of measures to tackle informal economy



We are implementing series of measures to tackle informal economy in the country and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has welcomed these efforts, says Finance Minister Nina Angelovska.

“The measures to tackle the informal economy target the labor market and the fiscalization process. There are active employment measures in place, social reforms and the VAT return measures. In its latest monitoring report, the IMF has saluted the reforms in tackling informal economy, saying they are high on the government’s agenda,” says Minister Angelovska in Faktor interview.

According to her, the ministry is drafting the 2020 Action Plan to strengthen the mechanisms tackling the informal economy while also working on raising the awareness on the informal economy and enhancing the tax ethic.

According to Angelovska, the MojDDV measure yields results and they are continuously improving. She points out that a significant boost to the MyDVD measure is the MojDVD #MojaNagrada prize winning game that started on December 15th.

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