Thaci to coalition with SDSM if he is deputy prime minister, and DUI not in government


Menduh Thaci, leader of the ruling DPA, reiterated that he is ready to join a pre-
election coalition with SDSM. In the pre-election coalition with Zoran Zaev, Thaci
delivered two conditions.
– The first condition is that DUI should not be part of the next government. The
second is that the DPA president should be deputy prime minister and have only one
deputy prime minister – Thaci said, reports TV21.
This is not the first time Thaci has asked for a deputy prime minister of his party’s
ranks, and for the DPM to be him.
Thaci said in 2012 that if the party wins the next parliamentary elections and
becomes part of the government, he will be vice-president of the government in
charge of implementing the Ohrid Agreement. "If DPA is part of the government
coalition, we will demand that there is only one deputy prime minister in the
government and I will take that place," Thaci told Kosovo Radio Television's Target.
So far, no Albanian party leader who was part of the government has been deputy
prime minister, nor has he run a ministry.

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