Pendarovski: I hope that this year all we hear is good news


President Stevo Pendarovski on Tuesday wished all Orthodox believers a Merry
– I would like to congratulate all Orthodox believers in the country on this holiday, one
of the greatest in Christianity – Christ’s birth and wish these holidays to be spent with
their loved ones, with their families in peace, tranquility and joy. As we begin the new
year, I wish all the citizens of our country a more peaceful, happier, more beautiful
year than the last. I hope that everyone’s personal progress will mean progress for
the whole community and the state as a whole. Let’s hope that this year we will only

have good news and meet on happy occasions, said Pendarovski, who together with
his wife attended a Christmas mass at St. George’s Church in Ohrid.
He said he found the coin hidden in a bread, which is the centerpiece of a traditional
Christmas Eve family dinner, which involves breaking of a bread with a coin.
Pendarovski with his wife and son welcomed children singing traditional Christmas
songs that were part of a Christmas procession, taking place for the seventh time in

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