What professional qualifications does the additional interior deputy minister Slavjanka Petrovska have?


SDSM’s proposal for Slavjanka Petrovska to be an additional deputy interior minister in the caretaker government has drawn the public’s attention to this candidate’s vocational qualifications vis-à-vis the opposition candidate.

If you look at Petrovska’s meager biography, you will see that MoI comes as Oliver Spasovski’s technical assistant as a junior associate in the protocol department in the Assembly. She has been an assistant to the SDSM MPs for many years. She was a favorite of Radmila Sekerinska, in whose favor she posted Facebook posts in her SDSM intra-party quarrels, reports Republika.

Although all of her peer colleagues have graduated and started developing a professional plan, Slavjanka continues with strong party activism in favor of SDSM. Her favorite target is VMRO-DPMNE. There is hardly a week in which she does not attack VMRO-DPMNE’s policies vigorously. As a supporter of Sekerinska, she stands firmly behind Stevo Pendarovski’s candidacy, but also behind Zoran Zaev.

After being promoted by Spasovski from an ordinary technical assistant to a state adviser and head of his cabinet, she and Kumanovo’s Mitko Bojmacaliev, also promoted to an adviser to the MoI from the Assembly, become the two most zealous Facebook megaphones spreading SDSM’s policies. Without any additional qualifications and values ​​other than partisan, Slavjanka is a hard party SDSM solution for the MOI department.

With any proven and experienced member of the security system she will not be able to carry on and hence is the whole orchestrated artillery of Zaev attacks on the concept of professional and prominent figures for interim ministers of VMRO-DPMNE.

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