Vevcani Carnival begins – expected over 1 thousand masks


The Vevcani Carnival begins today under the motto “Make yourself a Vasilicar”, announcing over 1,000 masks and a rich program of cultural and entertaining content. Carnival organizers expect a large number of visitors, noting that much of the tourist facilities in the area are already full.

-Vevcani is already full of tourists, all facilities in the town and its surroundings are already full. Throughout the year, Vevcanians make their masks, which are traditionally presented on Jan. 13, during the celebrated Vasilica Carnival dedicated to St. Basil the Great.

Vevchani in the next two days will pulsate with humor, satire, and open criticism of anything negative in life, society, and the world, through colorful masks parading during the Vevchani Carnival.

Their masks have a single purpose: to poke fun at both famous and obscure figures, providing commentary on events that marked 2019.

The event begins on Sunday, with an exhibition by Biljana Djurukovski. Next up is the Taste Vevchani gourmet show, subtitled “Cooking with Branko.”

Vevchani Mayor Sasho Jankoski and Tourism Agency director Ljupcho Janevski will meet with local caterers and restaurateurs. DJ Todoroff, Brass Brothers, Eye Cue, and Vlatko Lozanoski will perform in the evening.

Carnival festivities continue on Monday with the Vasilica parade, the main event locals describe by insisting that “everything can be postponed except the Vevchani Carnival.” The parade is scheduled for 2 pm.

A village-wide party will follow, featuring performances by Damjan Stojanovski, Tatijana Stefanovska, and the Jolly Company Brass Band. On January 14 at noon, as tradition dictates, carnival masks will be set ablaze at the city square. As the masks come off and burn, new ideas will begin to form in Vevcanians’ minds, already looking forward and planning next year.

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