The PPO initiates a procedure for investigating the import of waste in the country


“We must strengthen the capacities and laboratories as an opportunity to examine everything that goes into the country, and we, all together, to do everything to improve the environment,” said Interim Prime Minister Spasovski, visiting a new operating room in the Thoracic and Vascular Surgery Clinic of the Mother Teresa Clinical Center.

He added that there was no harmful waste imported into the country, and what was happening in Bulgaria was closely monitored.

“A lot of information comes out. I urge you to check them, especially when it comes to sensitive material like this one, for the living environment”, he said.

Answering questions form the media, Spasovski noted that the Public Prosecutor’s Office also initiated a procedure to investigate the allegations in the public about alleged import of harmful waste in the country.

“We have information from the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning that the import of waste is the one that is allowed and for which certain certificates are held, that there is no harmful waste being imported into the country. It is good that the City of Skopje is taking steps to settle the situation. Institutions must follow this example”, said Spasovski.

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