VMRO-DPMNE walks out of meeting on PPO Law


VMRO-DPMNE officials left the meeting of the working groups on the Public Prosecution Law taking place Friday in Parliament minutes after it started.

They left after their request for State Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Jovevski to be invited to attend the talks was rejected.

Explaining VMRO-DPMNE’s request, MP Antonio Miloshoski said that Jovevski in December 2019 had said he had considerable remarks about the talks and the bill on public prosecution, stating that the adoption of a quality law without political bargaining was a must.

He welcomed the presence of officials of the international community, namely representatives of the US embassy and the EU delegation.

“We welcome the initiative to have a meeting with parliamentary groups and international representatives in attendance. However, I must note that a meeting in this format should have taken place a year ago, rather than one week before Parliament’s dissolution,” MP Milososki stated.

Also, VMRO-DPMNE at Friday’s meeting asked for a public debate with law experts, public prosecutors and professors so as to contribute to the preparation of a ‘quality solution.’

“The fourth proposal we got from the Justice Ministry is considered as a solid foundation for negotiations as a way to get to an improved text of the law on public prosecution,” Milososki said.

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