Ljuma and Daut of “Honeyland” win top US Cinematography Award


Samir Ljuma and Fejmi Daut of “Honeyland” are the winners of the Best
Documentary Cinematography Award at the 34th ASC-The American Society of
Cinematographers Awards.
“The most important award a cinematographer can wish for. Thanks ASC”, Ljuma
wrote on his Facebook profile.
The Cinematographers' award was handed to the “Honeyland” cinematographers by
director Todd Phillips who said this was "a golden age of documentary film".
The ASC Award is recognized as the most prestigious award in the world of
cinematography because it is awarded by the Association of American
Cinematographers (ASC).
“Honeyland” has so far won more than 15 awards at prestigious festivals around the
world, and is the first ever Macedonian film nominee for an Oscar in two categories.

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