Nikoloski: Zaev is trying to postpone the elections with the PPO Law


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski believes that today’s statement by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, that if the PPO Law is not passed, the holding of the elections will be postponed is actually an attempt to postpone the elections.

“Zaev’s statement today, with repeated attempt to postpone the elections, is another proof that he knows that the people do not want him and that he will be defeated in the elections!

When Zaev saw that he could not pass a law on Public Prosecution in order to escape responsibility, now he is trying to postpone elections. In a word, Zaev needs to keep power to avoid responsibility for crime and corruption.

The facts show that he was running away from the elections from the very start – the first was the protocol for NATO membership, so a group of laws that he had not adopted for 3 years and now he has come to pass them and was challenging the election of the Minister of Interior, now with the PPO Law he seeks to create a model in which he will be pardoned for criminal responsibility.

I will inform the leaders of the EU and the European People’s Party in Brussels today. Agreements must be respected. It’s democracy, everything else is dictatorship. There must be and will be elections on April 12!”, Nikoloski wrote on Facebook.

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