Tripunovski: Million kilograms of tobacco imported in two months, while the domestic stays unsold


Zoran Zaev and Traian Dimkovski are lying to the tobacco growers. While domestic
tobacco is not bought out, the government has allowed imports of tobacco. There are
documents proving the import of tobacco in the season of purchase. These are
invoices and import license applications denied by Zaev and Dimkovski. They lied
yesterday that there was no import of tobacco. Zaev and Dimkovski look into their
eyes and deceive the tobacco growers, as well as everything else in the country, the
Deputy Technical Minister for Agriculture Cvetan Tripunovski said today.
In the period from January 8 until today, Zaev and Dimkovski allowed the import of
about 1 million kg of tobacco, totaling several million euros.
-What makes this even worse, the tobacco imported in Macedonia is paid from 1 to 2
euros more than the price at which the domestic tobacco is bought. The imported
tobacco is of the same type of tobacco that is produced in Macedonia and is paid
more expensive than the domestic one. Macedonian tobacco growers beg for a more
realistic appreciation of the tobacco, while Zaev and Dimkovski import more
expensive tobacco. Tobacco farmers are deceived and manipulated. Instead of
buying domestic tobacco, the foreign one is imported. While the tobacco growers
from Prilep beg for higher purchase prices, Zaev, Dimkovski and Sapuric allowed
import of tobacco from abroad which is paid over 300 denars. This is proof that Zaev,
Dimkovski and Sapuric are lying to the tobacco growers. There is import of tobacco
and the domestic is not bought. I call on the government not to play with the tobacco
growers, to stop the importation of tobacco and to buy the domestic ones. No one
can play with tobacco growers, said Tripunovski.
He pointed out that Zaev's actions are the cause of all the trouble of the tobacco
growers. All problems will end after April 12, when a responsible approach to
tobacco growers and farmers as a whole will take place.

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