Mickoski: Zaev wants power only to avoid facing justice


Running away from elections for Zoran Zaev is an escape from facing responsibility,
VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said Tuesday at a press conference,
adding that this shows that Zaev is ready to put the country in captivity, only to try to
save himself.
Zoran Zaev has one priority, and that is how to avoid responsibility for all the
scandals and affairs incriminating him and his government, Mickoski said adding that
it is clear that the intention of Zaev, who knows that he is losing the elections, is to
try to postpone them and to avoid responsibility.
According to Mickoski, Zaev has two ways to achieve this goal.
The first is the unilateral adoption of the law on public prosecution that will establish
full and increased control over the prosecution in order to avoid responsibility for any
suspicion of crime and corruption after the defeat. And after becoming aware of the
passing of this bad law following VMRO-DPMNE’s remarks and numerous expert
public remarks that it hits the wall, he is now heading for the second option, an
escape from elections to escape responsibility, Mickoski said.
That shows, he adds, that Zoran Zaev wants power not only to face justice and
nothing more and nothing less.
Mickoski emphasized that VMRO-DPMNE is not against the law on public
prosecution, but against a party law on public prosecution that will protect crime.
Any legal solution must be a product of consensus, but also in agreement with the
expert public. Therefore, I propose that the law on public prosecution should come
from experts and law professors who have experience in this matter and who were
part of the public debate. To put professionalism above party interests, and VMRO-
DPMNE will accept the law that they will propose without reservation and without
hesitation, said Mickoski.

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