Silegov accuses the prosecution and inspectorate of not doing their job


The competent public prosecutor today issued an order to the Chief Inspector of the
City of Skopje to release the video footage he had taken from the cellphone of the
Chief Inspector in the City of Skopje in order to provide them legally in the context of
the medical waste treatment case. by the company "Eco Club" in Bitola.
Mayor Petre Silegov responded to the order today, criticizing institutions over the
“Eco Club” case and dangerous medical waste destroyed in Drisla.
"Today the MoI asked the inspector to hand over the phone with the recordings. The
recordings are no longer in that phone. For me as the mayor of the city where this is
happening, the behavior of the two institutions, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the
State Inspectorate for Environmental Protection is completely unacceptable. Since
the inspector's recording was noticed by the security services, it was probably clear
on the 11th, and on the 12th, extraordinary surveillance was made and a document
was issued. The responsible prosecutor immediately sought an injunction from the
investigating judge and sealed the installation. If I were their supervisor, neither the
prosecutor would be a prosecutor nor the inspector would be an inspector", Silegov
Big money, as the mayor of Skopje goes on to say, was the motive to manipulate
medical waste treatment.
“For one kilogram of medical waste, licensed companies charge 500 denars to
health institutions and hospitals. Price includes waste transport and processing. It
involves one hour of heat treatment and sterilization at high temperatures for which
130 kWh is spent per hour of operation. It can then be disposed of as municipal
waste. On the other hand, the disposal of municipal waste costs 680 denars per ton.
Look at the difference in price and you will find the motives for doing this – explained
the mayor.
Silegov called on the authorities to do their job responsibly.
"I enjoy watching them try to avoid responsibility, both the State Environmental
Inspectorate and the Public Prosecutor's Office, instead of admitting their guilt and
doing the job that the citizens pay them for. I think there is a serious responsibility
here with the competent people who should consider this matter. The footage was
taken on the night of December 10th, and was taken to the GP on the 13th because I
was off the business in the meantime and saw the footage. The case was reported
with a statement by Miroslav Bogdanovski to the competent prosecutor and the

footage was shown to her. The prosecutor called the police and went to the scene
with the city inspector. Then the city inspector was released and nothing was asked
of him. He was not required to provide the evidence, only an inspection was carried
out. Since then, up to the end of January, we have no contact with the PPO, we are
not informed or know how to proceed, until the press on Tuesday", Silegov said.

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