Arsovski: “Eco Club” has won over 60 tenders from Zaev’s Government


“The fresh air and the health of the citizens are not important to SDSM at all. It’s all about politics and more about personal interest. SDSM and Zoran Zaev are the mosthypocritical when they see that they lose most in the polls, VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimce Arsovski responds at a press briefing.- SDSM and Zaev trying to transfer the company Eco Club Bitola and the whole scandal to the detriment of VMRO-DPMNE, it turned out that the same company EcoClub Bitola received millions of bids from the Government of SDSM.Last year alone, over 60 tendering contracts were received by the company EKO CLUB Bitola from the state and institutions worth over 130 million denars. The PublicEnterprise for State Roads, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health and many other institutions were part of the institutions that awarded tenders to the company EKO CLUB Bitola. And young children know that no tender can be awarded without Zaev or anyone from SDSM. Everyone knows that during SDSM’s rule it was known in advance which company will be awarded tenders.Where is Zaev’s responsibility, and of the SDSM officials who, with such alleged evidence of crime, granted money to the same company that they accuse of serious involvement in crime with poisoning the citizens?Where is Zaev’s responsibility in the case of the procurement and use of petroleum coke for their firms, a highly polluting fuel used by virtually all Zaev-owned companies? Namely, out of 9 companies using oil coke, 5 companies are affiliated with Zoran Zaev. In February 2019 alone, 42,000 tons of petroleum coke were
imported into the country or pictured, totaling 2,000,000 trailers that were burned andpolluted or burned materials released into the air.Obviously the business of Zaev and the SDSM is put before the health of the citizens. Why are you silent about these scandals? Where is the responsibility? This scandal has to be resolved,” Arsovski said.

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