The Alliance for Albanians will not support the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office


MPs of the Alliance of Albanians led by Zijadin Sela will not vote on the proposed PPO law because the incoming version of the law in parliament is not the same as agreed, MP Surija Rushiti says.

“It is true that the Alliance of Albanians had their remarks on the draft version of the PPO Law and many of them were accepted by Minister Deskoska. But what got to Parliament is not the same bill. Article 110 provides for an amnesty, and we will never adopt a law on public prosecution that provides for an amnesty,” Rushiti said.

Article 110 provides for the so-called “bombs” or unlawful wiretapping materials that SDSM leader Zoran Zaev handed over to the Special Prosecutor’s Office to be evidence only in cases where charges have been filed by June 30, 2017, or 18 months after the materials were handed over, in investigations. will be clues and will not be used as clues in pre-investigations.

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