Zaev communicated with Boki 13: This is pure racketeering


At today’s hearing on the "Racket" case a conversation was read between Bojan
Jovanovski and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev from April 2018, just before the case was
reported to the police. Jovanovski forwarded these messages to his mother in April.
First, Jovanovski sends a message to Zaev with the following content:
"I have never abused your name, I have always respected you. The final decision on
our relationship will be yours. I am your friend. The whole construction is crystal clear
to me. I ask you to consider again about a meeting, Boki wrote to Zaev.
To which the former prime minister replies:
“Boki, I saw the evidence. You can’t even imagine how furious I am. Sorry, but this is
awful! This is unacceptable. This is pure racketeering."

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