Arsovska: We are losing big foreign investments, urgent reforms are needed


In the next two years serious investors will invest in the Western Balkans region, but in order for them to not overlook Macedonia requires urgent implementation of structural reforms,” said Association of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce President Danela Arsovska after meeting with leaders of leading chambers of commerce of world economies, USA, Russia, Great Britain, which held in Paris at the annual meeting of World Chambers Federation WCF.

“Serious investors are planning to direct their capital and realize the projects planned for the next two years in the Western Balkans. Given our position as a country, the only one in the region with a WCF leadership, Macedonia has the opportunity to position itself as a destination for realization of large investment projects. The general picture, although strategically well-positioned, is that the current political and socio-economic situation in the country is unstable, and undermined confidence in the legal system and the rule of law are reflected in unpredictable business environment and systemic dysfunction, which are the main causes that deter investors, said Arsovska.

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