It is illegal to annul an already conducted voting!


    After today’s vote on the PPO Law in Parliament, when the vote was first annulled after insufficient number of MPs backing the law, and then the law was passed again on the second vote, university professor Tanja Karakamiseva came forward with a legal interpretation of the procedure.

    “If the Parliament Speaker closes the debate and puts it to a vote, and if the Members of Parliament vote on the law, the Parliament Speaker has NO RIGHT, NO AUTHORITY to annul the vote. In addition, the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament do not provide for the cancellation of already conducted voting.

    In the case of the Law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Xhaferi completely violated Art. 95 and Art. 103 of the Rules of Procedure, because, first he allowed the voting procedure and the voting was conducted, but after seeing the result unfavorable to the authorities decided to voluntarily annul the voting of the MPs, and without any procedural support to give the right to a procedural address to two MPs, contrary to all rules of procedure,” professor Karakamiseva said.

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