Culev: Indictments of Spasovski’s abuse of office worth 2.5 million euros


The Ministry of Interior has indications of abuse of office in public procurement
proceedings of three thousand pairs of police boots from the company Pinko Kiril
DOOEL worth 15 million denars, for which two accredited laboratories have found
that they do not meet the requirements of the technical specification of MOI, Interim
Minister Nake Culev said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The entire procedure for public procurement of boots for police officers, according to
Culev, was done at the time of former Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski. The ad by
the Ministry of Interior was published in early 2016, when three bids arrived, of which
"Pink Kiril" was selected and the contract set a deadline of 60 days for the boots to
be delivered, stating that if they are not delivered within the agreed deadline, the
contract would be terminated and the bank guarantee activated.
"The delivery deadline has not been met, nor has the contract been terminated, and
the bank guarantee has not been activated, but the procedure for the delivery of the
boots has continued into the next phase," Minister Culev said.
Culev called on the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office to act promptly on the report
submitted by the Interior Ministry.

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