MoI surveillance on persons from the "Racket" case, following orders from the prosecution


Regarding the above mentioned three persons released to the public, the MoI at the
behest of the BPPO implemented the PI measures, interception of communications
and physical monitoring of public space by applying technical measures. All
materials from the PI measures have been handed over to then Minister Oliver
Spasovski. He handed over to the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office and through the
BPPO to the pre-trial judge.
Interior Minister Nake Culev confirmed at today's press conference that the Ministry,
by order of the Public Prosecutor's Office, is implementing Special Investigation
Measures (PIM) for persons involved in the "Racket" case. According to internal
procedures and the law, the MoI is not authorized and must not keep a copy of the
evidence of PI measures. So all the material has been submitted to the BPPO and
no copies are currently kept in the Ministry of Interior, said Shulev answering a
journalist question.
Whether there are tonal records of of the PI measures, Culev directed the reporters
to the former interior minister or the BPPO for answers.

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