Laskarci crash trial: Even without the flaws, the highway fence would not have stopped the bus


The protective fence on the Skopje-Tetovo highway at the section of the Durmo Tours bus accident was in accordance with then-existing standards, with the exception of the screw used to attach parts of a lower quality, a civil engineering expert said at today’s hearing on the Laskarci traffic accident.

The fence was installed in 2000, and the project was prepared in 1998.

The flaws in general, the expert said, are in the design that there are no details of the fuselage, the spacer and the fence layout relative to the highway, while the construction is that there is insufficient tension on the fence and its parts. He pointed out that there was lack of maintenance that resulted in corrosion, and the vehicle was not kept in good condition.

“According to all the analysis, even if there were no such omissions

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