Nikoloski: Crime worth half a million euros in the Ministry of Defense


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski in a debate with Defense
Minister Radmila Sekerinska, disclosed a gross crime of half a million euros in the
Ministry of Defense.
He noted that the Grader machine was purchased by the minister at a price twice as
high as that sold by the same firm in Serbia.
"How is it possible to buy the machine in Macedonia for one price, and then buy the
same machine for half the price in Serbia. I have documents that you purchased the
Grader machine on June 6, 2018, two pieces totaling 470,000 euros from the
“Korkovado” company in Belgrade. "Korkovado" on 20.12.2019, six months later sold
the same type of machine in Serbia, also offered for public procurement for 127
thousand euros. How is this possible, a difference in the price of € 235,000, or if we
go one by one, € 100,000 for the same machine purchased from the same company.
That is the question for which the Macedonian public expects answers. It is good to
answer how it is possible for Korkovado to sell two machines to the Macedonian
Ministry of Defense for 470,000 euros, 235,000 euros each, and sell the same
machine to Serbia for 127,000 euros," says Nikoloski.

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