Payments for the VMRO-DPMNE campaign are legal


Another one of the absurd claims made by Prosecutor Lile Stefanova and her
construction of the “Titanic” case surfaced today.

Banking officials Maja Krstevska and Marijan Andonovski today, as Stefanova's
witnesses, completely dismissed the claims of alleged illegal payments to the
VMRO-DPMNE campaign.
The two witnesses, as cash desk officers in 2011 at the NLB Bank, told the court that
according to the bank's procedures and the law, payments up to 60,000 denars by
other persons were allowed and quite common.
It was the SPO's main thesis, when it opened the case, that the party had organized
and received funds on behalf of others over the amount allowed. Today's witnesses
disprove this claim by the fact that they, as front desk workers, received daily
payments from several natural persons brought by one person to pay legal entities.
As the payers were within the allowed amount in 2011 of 60,000 denars, they were
processed normally. This practice was common to the bank and there were no
limitations on the number of payments that one person could make to other persons
if the limit of 60,000 denars was not exceeded, something which was not exceeded
in this case.

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