Grcev: The Mother Teresa Monument is a fascist monument


Miroslav Grcev, an architect and advisor at the Ministry of Culture, but also of ex-Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, says the monument to Mother Teresa to be built on Macedonia Square is a fascist monument.

He said on the “Utrinski Brifing” show on Slobodna TV that this monument made no sense and to him this building was essentially a fascist monument, and compared the monument to a thrombus, or tumor.

“So we cultivate fascist monuments in an atmosphere we call the return of the rule of law, democratization, reforms that go in the direction of realizing democratic European values. And tolerating the existence of these monuments is practically a complete institutional impotence,” Grcev said.

Grcev says that not only that monument, but all the monuments of the Skopje 2014 project are monuments “in honor of the ultranationalist revivalist and fascist dictatorship”.

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