Milososki’s bomb: Zaev arranged verdicts with a Supreme Court judge and with Katica Janeva, Zaev was the head


MP Antonio Milososki published Sunday a new audio bomb from the headquarters of VMRO-DPMNE in which can be heard the voice of former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev who completely orchestrates the decisions of former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva and the Supreme Court.

The audio tape reveals that there is a mafia connection between the Supreme Court, the SPO and Katica Janeva and arrangements to drop the cases. Zaev also mentions the escapes of businessman Sead Kocan, and then of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

Zoran Zaev admits to agreeing with former Chairman of the Supreme Court Jovo to drop cases led by former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva.

One of the ways to do that was through the SPO law, and if it did not happen, Zaev says the decision of the Supreme Court will be passed.

He points out that Janeva knows all the time that it should be that way and that is how she acted in her work.

Full transcript of the audio tape:

Z.Z.; The ambient in the moment when it happens, Katica knows which procedures to take with great patience, and we run the whole process. She knows that the Supreme Court will make such a decision. They can’t do anything without Zaev…

Z.Z.; I told them wait, you will see the Supreme Court decision, and there, the Supreme Court decision happened. We negotiated the law on SPO, we were late negotiating. If we do make an agreement it will end very soon; if we do not it will be over in a delay; the Supreme Court’s decision has been ruled.

Z.Z.; What happens in the law, when there is material evidence provided on the basis of unauthorized and inadmissible tapes, the tapes are already inadmissible and the provided material evidence falls, and where it falls cases closes, it is like a verdict, they do not open it again.

Z.Z.; What’s important? Katica knows it, knows it from the beginning, .. meaning Jovo Vangelovski was one of the three judges in the Supreme Court, there were three others in the Court of Appeal that were to fall for the escape of Seat Kocan and the escape of this one (Gruevski); and Jovo was returned, I calmed down and I agreed with Jovo. It is true we were close, we are close, I am such a man, first I do not believe that I always have, I should not, that I have always believed.

Z.Z.; This is a political battle between the VMRO and the SDS, and this is where it should stop, that is the purpose for the tapes, they crossed the boundaries. Knowing all s, Katica acts in that way, she knows the cases will be dropped. She knows that even if she does not want, she helps, means there is no way back, she is already in the process now.

Z.Z.; I have defended him in public Jovo… The whole public knew that the government was behind the Supreme Court; The Supreme Court cannot prosecute that on its own.

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