Milososki: Zaev and Janeva were in close coordination for the “Racket”


VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki published an audio recording to reveal how Zoran Zaev was the main decision maker in the Supreme Court in major corruption cases.

Milososki handed out a transcript of the tape to reporters, which he said he received from an anonymous whistleblower, and the transcript says it was a government meeting in May 2019, attended by Zaev, one of the people involved in Racket and an unknown person.

This audio tape clearly shows that Zaev was in close contact with Katica Janeva and it can be concluded that the two were in close coordination with the “Racket” case. I know his family is influential and he should be called for questioning. This tape clearly shows that Zaev was also a supreme judge and special public prosecutor, Milososki said.

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