The PPO Law guarantees the establishment of a rule of law


The law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office is a guarantee of establishing a rule of law, respecting the principles of the rule of law and unequivocal fight against crime and sanctions for all those who have committed a crime, ruling SDSM spokesperson Kostadin Kostadinov said on Monday.

“SDSM as a responsible and democratic party through the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office provides for the liberation of the judiciary and creates conditions for independent and professional treatment of judges and prosecutors. We take the opportunity once again to state the facts of the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office, those against which VMRO-DPMNE has no arguments, and which bring effective and applicable law against all those who committed crimes,” Kostadinov said.

According to him, the SPO cases are still pending and there is no legal impediment to try VMRO-DPMNE people and calls for the court to stop “the endless delays of processes and finally to create conditions for daily trials”.

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