Derkoski: It will not be possible to vote without valid personal documents


The State Election Commission President Oliver Derkoski urged Tuesday the
citizens to use all the opportunities of the institutions and to obtain personal
documents, to enter or change certain data in the Voters’ List.
As SEC we will make every effort to enable all citizens to exercise their right to vote,
but we cannot allow voting without any documents, said Derkoski, who called on
some 38,000 people who did not collect their personal documents in the Ministry of
Interior to do so because without them they will not be able to vote in the early
parliamentary elections on 12 April.
According to the election timetable tomorrow starts the inspection of the Voters’ List
and the collection of signatures for candidates for MPs. Derkoski says that the State
Statistical Office has received the revised Voters’ List and that tomorrow all citizens
interested in participating in the elections will be able to check their data through the
SEC website and at regional offices. There are currently 1.817.028 registered voters
in the Voters’ List.

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