MoEPP: Continuous monitoring of Prespa Lake, coordination meeting next week


The state of Prespa Lake is being monitored continuously and activities are being undertaken within its competence, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning said, announcing that a national coordination meeting will be held next week to discuss current activities and opportunities for improvement and implementation of measures in the Prespa Lake Watershed Management Plan.

The Ministry says that the meeting will be attended by representatives of the scientific community i.e. the scientific council established for the implementation of the Prespa Lake Watershed Management Plan, Resen Municipality, the Hydrometeorological Office, MoEPP, civil society organizations active in the region and all stakeholders in the implementation of the plan, to discuss current activities and opportunities to improve the implementation of the measures under the Plan. The objective is to carry out an initial expert analysis of the causes of the situation and possible next steps to monitor and better manage the Prespa Lakes water supply as soon as possible.

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