The water level of Lake Prespa has been reduced by over three meters


Water level data on Lake Prespa are obtained and analyzed from the hydrological station in Stenje, as well as the monitoring station at the same site.

Today, the water level in Prespa Lakes is reduced by about 313 cm. Water level measurement is performed by a water meter with a zero elevation of 847.68 meters above sea level, and according to these data it is observed that since 1987 the water level has been continuously decreasing.

The survey data shows that the decrease in the lake water level is gradual and continuous, so in May 2016 the water level decreased by 110 cm, this trend continued until the first half of 2017, while in August 2018 the water was reduced by 166 cm, today the water level in Prespa Lake is reduced by about 313 centimeters.

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