Dimitrov for ‘To Vima’: Focus on start of EU negotiations after Prespa Agreement


The Prespa Agreement is part of the international law but we now need to close this chapter by starting accession negotiations, which will help overcome divisions in the country, says Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov in an interview with Greek daily ‘To Vima’.

Dimitrov spoke to the  paper during last week’s high-level conference for the Western Balkans in Thessaloniki, which he sees as an important initiative by Athens in supporting the region’s European perspective that was launched in the same city back in 2003.

-Nikola Dimitrov has highlighted series of key dates in his calendar, but the most important is March 24, the meeting of the General Affairs Council in Brussels, which will tackle the issue of giving North Macedonia and Albania a date for the start of EU accession negotiations, says ‘To Vima’ in the interview with Dimitrov.

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