Minister of Health and Director of Clinic awarded € 8 million tenders to co-investor with construction land


“Spanish Village 2” scandal directed by Health Minister Venko Filipce remains unanswered, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski said on Wednesday.

“Although the Ministry of Health instead of the Minister claimed that it was a lie, now neither the Ministry nor the Minister has the answer as Minister Filipce’s family, or his wife’s closest family, has a common property and investment with a man whose a company from the Ministry of Health and all the institutions under this ministry has received tenders worth more than seven million euros!”  Stoilkovski stated at today’s press conference.

He added that the building known to locals as the “Barracks of Filipce” is not a family house, but according to the construction plan, it is only one of five temporary accommodation facilities, according to the urban plan.

Filipce, Stoilkovski said, kept silent that his associate and close colleague, director of the clinic, had the same partnership relationship with the winner of the health tenders, and was a signatory to half of the money received in those tenders.

The opposition’s spokesperson also said that since Venko Filipce is health minister, the Spanish Village 2 co-owner’s company with Venko Filipce’s extended family, as well as his associate, has won heavy tenders of 426,388,279 days. Or, 6,933,143 euros. Of these, Filipce himself signed a tender in the amount of 34,229,676 denars or 556,580 euros.

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