Health Minister Filipce’s family paid very low prices for the land on Vodno


A hybrid regime is the only thing that makes it possible for the family of a minister, a
director of a state-run clinic, and a private firm collecting almost € 8m from the
ministry, to jointly own property and build 5 barracks on Vodno and still have none of
the competent institutions investigate, accused VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum
– Minister Filipce acknowledged that his wife's family together with the director of the
clinic and their business partner own over 15,000 m2 of Vodno. Not only are two
barracks currently being built in the Spanish village, but three more are planned for
construction. The minister admitted that he had personally concluded a public
procurement contract with the company Synergy, the firm of his partner in Spanish
Village 2;
Stoilkovski has published new evidence which, he said, will show the possibility of
sale contracts deceiving sellers and damaging the budgets of the city of Skopje and
the municipality of Karpos.
– It is clear from all sales contracts that investors buy fields at prices of 10 to 25
euros per m2, although a general village act was adopted in 2014 for the village of
Nerezi in accordance with Article 12 of the Law on Spatial and Urban Planning
"Cadastre parcel represents building parcel "hence from 2014 this land is
construction land," he said.

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