Coronavirus patients stable, all bus passengers in home isolation


The spouses who tested positive for the coronavirus are treated at the Skopje-based Clinic for Infectious Diseases, they are in stable condition and have a mild form of the disease, but are part of the risk group due to their age, said Health Minister Venko Filipce.

“Epidemiologists have also put nine other people, who were in contact with them, in home isolation and under supervision,” Minister Filipce told a press conference

All other passengers in the bus that carried the two patients have also been identified and communicated.

“They will also be put in home isolation and under supervision. One of the passengers is an Albanian national and we have duly informed the Albanian Ministry of Health,” added Filipce.

Meanwhile, the bus driver has returned from another trip in Italy.

The Health Minister urged all passengers coming from affected regions to give truthful information.

“We already have hotspots not only in northern Italy but also across Europe. Passengers should give truthful information, whether they had been in contact with coronavirus patients, whether they have any symptoms. Our citizens should also stick to the personal hygiene recommendations,” said Filipce.

He also urged people returning from abroad not to report to their doctor if developing symptoms.

“They will receive the health service in their home. This is the purpose of the measures. We are in continual communication with representatives of the World Health Organization and there are no other recommendations for the time being,” said Filipce.

“The bus has just arrived at the Tabanovce border crossing. Passengers will be placed in a separate room, while the driver will be checked and tested. The test results will determine the measures for the bus passengers,” said Filipce.

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