Macedonia-Kosovo match can be played with spectators


Interior Minister Nake Culev said Saturday that the Nations League football match between North Macedonia and Kosovo, although of high risk, can be played with spectators at the stadium. However, a Steering Committee headed by the Health Minister would take a decision on this while considering the coronavirus developments.

“I do not see any reason why the football match should be played without spectators. We are in continual communication with fans, discussing preventive activities. We have undertaken measures so that the match is played in the best possible conditions from a security standpoint,” said Minister Culev.

According to him, the Government, not the Ministry of Interior, decides whether the match is played without spectators due to the coronavirus threat.

“The Ministry of Health has the leading role in this. The Steering Committee will make this decision and forward it to the Government. As of now, we have no indications that the match will be postponed,” said Culev

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