Mickoski: Zaev and his Government even ravaged lakes for personal gain!


As with everything else in the country, the government and Zaev even ravaged the lakes for personal gain, wrote VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on Facebook.

• Lake Tikves decreased by 70%.

  • Lake Kalimanci decreased by 75%.
  • Lake Turija decreased by 65%.
  • Lake Prilep decreased by 85%.
  • Lake Prespa – lost waters in the amount of two Dojran lakes.
  • Lake Strezevo decreased by 72.5%.
  • The situation with the Mavrovo and Debar lakes is desperate.

“Negligence destroys Macedonian lakes. Citizens are affected and there is a problem with drinking water, and farmers and their crops, and thus the economy, will also be affected. Zoran Zaev ruined everything he touched. Negligence and incompetence, and thirst for money must stop and be punished. A renewal is needed that will bring competence, work, plan and results. The renewal is winning!” wrote Mickoski.

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