Only 45% of women in Macedonia are employed


The percentage of employed women between the ages of 20 and 64 in the European Union in 2018 is 67 percent, up one percentage point from the previous year and five percentage points from 2008. However, the percentage of employed women is still lower than the percentage of employed men of the same age and the difference is 12 percentage points.

Sweden has the highest rate of employment among women – 80%, Greece the lowest – 49% and Italy – 53%. In our country the employment rate of women is 45.2 percent.

The gender gap varies between EU Member States. Malta has the highest difference – 22 percentage points and Greece – 21 percentage points, while Lithuania has the lowest difference – 2 percentage points.

In Macedonia, the employment rate of men is 66.6 percent, which is 21.4 percentage points higher than the rate of women employed.

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