The head of the Clinic for Dermatology is the fourth confirmed coronavirus case


Due to disregard of the recommendations, our colleague doctor who arrived from Italy a week ago is infected with coronavirus, Health Minister Venko Filipce said at an emergency press conference on Monday.

The director of the University Clinic for Dermatology is the fourth confirmed coronavirus case in North Macedonia. She arrived from Italy a week ago and has regularly gone to work since, said Health Minister Filipce.

The minister expressed disappointment from the fact that a health worker has not observed the recommendations for compulsory self-isolation after a trip in the affected regions.

“A good thing is the fact that she did not have any contact with patients over the past week. In the interview with the epidemiologists, she listed the people she had contact with – family, friends etc. She is stable and has mild symptoms for the time being. The health condition of the spouses who have also tested positive for the coronavirus is also stable, whereas the first patient will undergo an additional test today or tomorrow, followed by her possible release from hospital,” said the health minister.

Measures are being taken at the Dermatology Clinic, where a team from the Public Health Institute is conducting a comprehensive analysis.

“Depending on the assessment, the department could be completely closed and the entire staff could be sent for self-isolation, along with the patients. The checkups scheduled for the coming period will be redirected to other public health institutions having such specialists on their rosters,” noted Filipce.

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