Macedonia under serious threat of massive spread of coronavirus due to negligent doctor


Because of a disregard for the recommendations, a doctor arrived from Italy a week ago and is infected with coronavirus, Health Minister Venko Filipce said at a press conference on Monday.

The minister confirmed that the person diagnosed with coronavirus is in fact the director of the Dermatology Clinic.

The director of this clinic is Dr. Nina Caca Biljanovska. As we know, and as can be seen from her Facebook profile, she went skiing at the famous Italian ski resort of Alta Badia, Dolomites. A photo was posted on February 28. According to NetPress reports, she had been in touch with patients, held dermatologist seminars, and had been working with coronavirus for two weeks. Is an epidemic threatening due to the irresponsibility of a medical officer who knew all the recommendations of the ministry?!

Minister Filipce said at a news conference: “She went to work five days after returning from Italy, and taking this fact into account, we are taking very careful measures at the Dermatology Clinic”.

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