Opposition MP accuses former prime minister of blackmailing politicians, businessmen with illegal wiretaps


Special Prosecutor Fatime Fetai best knows that former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev lied that he did not have, did not know, did not hand over 5 of the 6 videos released by the UBK illegally recorded for me in 2011, VMRO-DPMNE MP and former Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki said on Monday.

These six tapes were worked on by prosecutor Fatime Fetai on orders of Z.Z. and Katica Janeva. The tapes are being leaked selectively, without the portions that show that there is no case against me.

Zaev keeps copies of thousands of conversations of private, business, official and political nature of various party leaders, top businessmen, distinguished journalists and media owners. He has abused the tapes and will continue to abuse them for the purpose of blackmail, political pressure, ensuring media loyalty and to extort money from businesses, all in order to save himself. But his time is coming to an end. He will depart as he came.

If he agrees to debate me, I will “open him up”. And if he doesn’t, the outcome will be the same, Milososki said.

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