Through the coronavirus, we see the state's attitude towards the citizens


The situation in the Macedonian government is reflected in the Macedonian health
where after the first coronavirus doctor there is real chaos, says analyst Aleksandar
Pandov. Pandov says a coronavirus doctor should be held accountable not only for
her dismissal but also for her personal responsibility.
What amazed me is that through the coronavirus we see the attitude of the
institutions, ie the state towards the citizens. How the government works is how the

Ministry of Health works and appointed a Director of the Clinic, appointed by Minister
Venko Filipce, returned to Italy, the woman did not report and we all know today, I
guess everyone knows the story about Dr. Caca, a story that is not shameful,
dangerous, but simply scandalous. Filipce should not only punish her with dismissal,
but for the spread of such a deadly disease, she should also be criminally liable,
says Pandov.

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