These are the new VMRO-DPMNE coalition partners for the Renewal of Macedonia


Today, VMRO-DPMNE signed an Agreement for the Renewal of Macedonua with Citizens’ Option for Macedonia (GROM), Movement for National Movement of Turks, Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia, Democratic Party of Roma, Democratic Forces of Roma, Macedonian Action (MAC) , New Liberal Party, Party of Vlachs from Macedonia, Party of United Democrats of Macedonia, Roma Union of United in Macedonia, Workers’ Farm Party of Macedonia, Socialist Party of Macedonia, Serbian Progressive Party, Party of Democratic Action of Macedonia, Tito Left, Adnan Arsovski, Adnan Kjahil, Bajram Berat and Salko Kuc.

Today we have the honor to present the most victorious coalition for the Renewal of Macedonia that will run in the upcoming parliamentary elections and form the next government, announced Hristijan Mickoski today at the signing of the Agreement for the Renewal of Macedonia.

-We unite around a common platform, values ​​and principles that we believe in, because the name of the coalition says that what is necessary at this moment in our homeland is exactly renewal. As a coalition we have a responsibility to ourselves to work responsibly, to achieve results that will bring a better future in the country, said Mickoski.

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