Public review of Voters List ended Wednesday midnight


Public review of the Voters List for the upcoming early parliamentary elections ended
on March 11 at midnight.
The Voters List was available for public review at the regional units of the State
Election Commission (SEC), on the website, and at the
Diplomatic Consular Missions (for voting abroad).
SEC within five days from the end of the public inspection shall submit the Voters
List to the political parties latest by March 16. Within five days from the receipt of the
Voters List, political parties shall submit requests to the SEC for entering, adding and
deleting data. Upon submitted requests, SEC shall reach a decision within 3 days
from the receipt of the request. Political parties may appeal/submit a lawsuit to the
Administrative Court against the decision of the SEC within 24 hours from the receipt
of the decision. The Voters List includes 17-year-olds who will turn 18 on or before
Election Day to vote. Only, citizens who have a valid personal ID card or passport
are eligible to vote in elections.
SEC shall sign the closed Voters List, i.e. extracts of the Voters Lists on which the
voting is done within 10 days at latest before the day of elections. Voting in the
diaspora will only be organized if the turnout is above 6,540, i.e. as much as the MP
won the least number of votes in the last election. It is uncertain whether there will be
voting in the diaspora and given the situation with Covid-19.

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