Macedonia closes borders for foreigners coming from high or medium risk countries


Due to the situation with coronavirus in the country, according to the conclusions of the Government of the last session, a ban on foreign nationals from high risk countries is introduced, according to the World Health Organization List published on the Ministry of Health’s website.

The ban, as stated in the conclusions, does not apply only if they submit a certificate issued by the competent quarantine authority.

The Ministry also calls on the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, who live in countries with high and medium risk to postpone their trips to the country.

Due to the closure of the Ribarci border crossing in the Republic of Serbia from yesterday at 7 am, for passengers and vehicles crossing in accordance with the instructions of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, all passengers and vehicles from the border crossing “Golema Crcorija” – Goles, Kriva Palanka in the Republic of North Macedonia redirect to border crossings open for free flow of passengers and vehicles.

From the Prohor Pcinski border crossing, passengers and vehicles are diverted to a joint border crossing with the Republic of Serbia, Tabanovce – Presevo.

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